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Saturday, 6 June 2020

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06 February 2013

IDC says Android is the new king of tablet market share

IDC's fourth-quarter estimates show the overall tablet market expanding rapidly, and Android is grabbing a large chunk of that growth. Apple  tablets -- which include the retina iPad and iPad mini -- dropped below 50% market share for the first time.

Apple's fourth-quarter share of shipments came to 43.6%. It's still the top vendor by a mile, but the the combined market share of Android tablets -- coming from Amazon, Asus and Samsung, among others -- easily topped 50%.

Microsoft  shipped 900,000 Surface tablets last quarter by IDC's estimate, representing 1.7% of the total market. IDC estimates Amazon's Kindle shipments at 6 million, making up 11.5% of the market. Amazon and Microsoft have not publicly commented on their tablet sales figures.

Apple held over 90% of the tablet market share as recently as 2011, largely because Google  had not yet widely distributed its tablet-optimized version of Android.