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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

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01 February 2013

The year will be calm enough, even some growth is expected: the banker’s forecast

Borys Tymonkin, CEO of PJSC "Ukrsotsbank", UniCredit Bank™, gave the outlook of situation on banking market in 2013.

Therefore, the famous banker noted that he didn’t see any sharp problems in segments. “The main threat for the banks is our judicial and law-enforcement systems. The banks in Ukraine are not protected; the deprivation of money from them is considered a normal phenomenon. The Credit agreement can be acknowledged invalid any time. The level of business moral in the society is very low. If the bank tries to recover the debt or the pledged property, nobody stand to its side. And that is the main reason of foreign banks’ escape. They are ready to take economic risks, but they do not want to work in a country without any rules. – Borys Tymonkin said. - Ukraine is not considered as a place of long-term investments and happy life any more, but rather as a zone for wild chase. «Having shot» the money – drive them out”.

Answering the question whether foreign banks would continue leaving Ukraine or not, the banker stated: “I think, those who wanted to leave, have already informed about it”. Giving the prognosis of the banking market development in 2013, Borys Tymonkin said: “The year will be calm enough, even some growth is expected”. The banker noted: “Only liquidity is one that for 90% defines banking system workability in our country. Those, who can count for the financial support, no matter from NBU or shareholders, those can be sure in tomorrow”.