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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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08 February 2013

Leading German Mobile Sports Sites Attract Larger Mobile Audience than PC

In November 2012, Kicker was the most popular German mobile sports destination with 2.2 million people accessing the content via app or mobile browser. Kicker’s mobile audience has grown 54 percent in the past year in Germany. Bundesliga.de took second place, attracting 1.7 million German mobile users, followed by Sport1 with 1.5 million Germans visiting the mobile site or using the app during the month. Sportschau was in fourth position and had the largest growth in mobile users over the year (up 67 percent).

What is most interesting is the comparison between mobile and PC audiences to these publishers of sports content. More users in Germany accessed Kicker, Bundesliga and Sportschau from a mobile than a PC in November 2012. Sport1 saw the most drastic shift from PC to mobile, with their PC audience decreasing by 17 percent in a year, whilst their mobile audience has grown by 38 percent.


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