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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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30 January 2013

Microsoft's Windows 8 sales are big -- just not big enough

Windows 8 gave Microsoft a bump last quarter, though its impact was more muted than the software giant might have liked.

Windows sales rose 24% to $5.8 billion in the quarter that ended Dec. 31. Microsoft unveiled its years-in-the-making Windows overhaul on Oct. 26. 

The gain ended a streak of four straight quarters in which Windows sales declined year-over-year. But it pales in comparison to prior launches of the operating system: Windows sales soared 76% during the quarter that Windows 7 launched, and rose by 65% when Windows Vista debuted.

Lisa Nelson, Microsoft's investor relations director, said Windows 8 sales should be put into perspective. PC sales have slumped lately, and the computer market is very different now than it was when previous versions of Windows launched. 


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