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Saturday, 19 September 2020

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25 January 2013

Forget the $20 minimum: ATMs dispense $1 and $5 bills

The banks are in the process of deploying a new generation of ATMs that, among other features, will let you take out bills as low as $1 and $5. Chase's even have the ability to give out coins.

In recessionary times, it's perfect for draining your account to the last drop!

"We are always looking for ways to upgrade our ATM network with new functions that will make banking easier for our customers," PNC spokesperson Marcey Zwiebel told TODAY.

Just like how airlines have saved their customers, and themselves, time by installing machines that let customers print out boarding passes at the airport, for Chase, the new ATMs are more like full-service kiosks that supplement traditional tellers, company spokespersons told TODAY. Besides $1 and $5 bills, they'll give out the usual $20s, along with $50 and $100 bills.