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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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18 January 2013

A hacker was arrested in Kyiv that attacked sites on the order of competitors

A hacker was arrested in Kyiv who conducted DDoS-attacks on websites of Ukrainian and foreign commercial legal entities on the order of competitors.

All in all the offender conducted over 50 attacks, and the objects of his "activities" were mostly Russian resources.

"In our practice it is the first time in Ukraine, when the attacker acted on the order," - said the chief inspector of the  Ministry of Internal Affairs' department of identifying crimes in the area of ??payment systems and information security Bohdan Tyshchenko.

The press service of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said: "It is needede to note that  the hacker lived in Kyiv and kept in touch with members of the international hacker movement." For conspiracy the hacker communicated with his clients through anonymous Internet pagers and received  payments via virtual payment systems registered to dummy people.

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