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16 January 2013

Government of Kazakhstan approves the list of activities which require mandatory acceptance of payment cards

The government of Kazakhstan, in its Resolution1743 from December 29, 2012, approved the list of activities, for which individual entrepreneurs and legal entities must install equipmentto receive payments using credit cards at their places of business, and also accept credit card payments. The text of the resolution was published 04 January 2013 in the official press.

The resolution comes into force in ten calendar days after the first official publication.

As stated, such activities include:

  • Wholesale and retail trade in cars and motorcycles, repair and maintenance
  • Wholesale and retail 
  • Repair of computers and consumer products 
  • Hotel services
  • Restaurant services, and other food service activities, drinks service
  • Sale of travel documents (tickets), baggage and cargo receipts for air and rail transport
  • Provision of services for cargo handling, warehousing and storage, services for transportation and freight services
  • Tour operators, travel agents and other service providers in the tourism sector
  • Insurance activities
  • Healthcare activities
  • Educational activities
  • Distribution of films, videos and television programs, film screenings
  • Fitness clubs, sports clubs, discos
  • Gambling and betting activities
  • Private security activities
  • Accounting and auditing; tax consultancy
  • Legal activities
  • Bowling and billiards services** Except wholesale and retail trade in own agricultural products, aquacultural (fishery) products, activities involving remote counters, mobile shops, tents, kiosks, containers, and at the markets.

The requirement do not apply to:

  • individual entrepreneurs and legal persons located in the places with lack of local public telecommunication network;
  • before 01 January 2014 - for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities with special tax regime.



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