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Monday, 14 October 2019

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15 January 2013

Innovations is a result of an urge to develop banking at the modern european level

Borys Tymonkin, CEO of PJSC "Ukrsotsbank", UniCredit BankTM, answered the reporter's question during the interview to the official periodic issue of the National Bank of Ukraine, "Vestnik NBU", about how can the bank he heads over years remain the locomotive of innovation in the sector.

"Today PJSC" Ukrsotsbank" is the part of UniCredit, European banking network, - banker says. - We are working according to international standards, taking into account the specifics of the domestic market. Often it is very difficult to do it. For example, we conducted great job when the bank switched to the latest computer system. We had to implement it according to the standards of the Bank for such a class and such a country. We did it in spite of the complexity of the implementation".

According to the CEO, Ukrainian banks can and do compete with powerful foreign ones in the technology sector. "The IT-technologies level is high in Ukraine, so the banks do not need to buy ready-made foreign products "in the boxes". These are mostly outdated solutions that need adaption for definite institution at the specific local market, while the amount of customization will be huge in the end, the banker said. – We have necessary potential for that, we can develop and implement banking technology products at lower prices and in more efficient way. This is an important competitive advantage. "

These views B.V. Tymonkin expressed during the interview to the official periodic issue of the National Bank of Ukraine, “Vestnik NBU”. The full version of an article you may view in “Vestnik NBU” № 12 for December 2012.


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