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Thursday, 20 February 2020

NBU currency exchange rates


11 January 2013

Azercell halves tariffs for roaming calls

 Azerbaijan mobile operator Azercell Telecom has reported of a two-fold reduction of roaming tariffs with two countries.

The Company says that tariffs for calls from network of Bulgarian operator Mobitel to network of Azercell was cut from 2 to 1 manat, and from the network of Egyptian operator Mobinil from 4 to 2 manat.

Rates for calls made within the network of the above-listed operators by Azercell subscribers in roaming remained previous.

Cost of a call with duration of less than 1 minute is calculated on thebasis of the value of each second. Foreign currency fluctuations may affect the rates which do not cover calls made to satellite and short numbers.


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