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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

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04 January 2013

You need a touchscreen for Windows 8

Windows 8's best feature isn't being used by most Windows 8 PC owners.

The ability to touch, tap, swipe and pinch on Windows 8 computers is what makes the new operating system come to life. You can still use Windows 8 without a touchscreen, but that's kind of like tossing aside the remote, getting up, and repeatedly pushing buttons to change the channel on your TV -- it's an old-fashioned drag.

Yet remarkably few people are actually buying touchscreen computers. Just 5% of Windows 8 laptops sold through Dec. 15 had touchscreens, according to the NPD Group.

One challenge is that there just aren't many touch-enabled laptops out there. Only 30 of the more than 700 laptops that Best Buy sells on its website have touchscreens, and just two touchscreen laptops ranked among the retailer's top 10 sellers. 


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