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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

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31 December 2012

China Mobile and Bank of China pick Verifone for NFC marketing and payments

The Chinese carrier and bank will be using VeriFone's Paymedia Mobile Marketing Platform to enable merchants, brands and third parties to deploy targeted campaigns to NFC mobile wallet users in the city of Shen Yang.

Verifone has announced an alliance with China Mobile and Bank of China to introduce an NFC payments and mobile marketing service in the city of Shen Yang, China.

The deal will see Shen Yang Badatong E-Commerce Co, also a member of the new alliance, equipping "thousands" of merchant locations with VeriFone NFC acceptance systems to enable payment and redemption via NFC at the point of sale. China Mobile and Bank of China, meanwhile, expect to issue an initial 50,000 SIM cards to customers during the current year and will market the NFC service through bank branches and customer support centres.

The solution being deployed in Shen Yang will make use of Verifone's Paymedia Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) and Paymedia Universal Acceptance Platform (UAP) to enable merchants, brands and third parties to launch highly targeted promotional campaigns to mobile wallet users.

With Paymedia UAP, mobile network operators and wallet providers can download wallet acceptance applications directly to merchants' point-of-sale systems and enable merchants to connect the apps to service providers via VeriFone's cloud-based gateway. Paymedia MMP then provides a mechanism for consumers to be sent offers, promotions and digital coupons that can be redeemed at Paymedia-enabled points of sale.

"This implementation demonstrates the potential of Verifone's payments-as-a-service vision and strategy, and provides Shen Yang with a complete infrastructure for provisioning, integrating and managing wallets and other mobile apps," says Zvi Mitlanski, senior vice president at VeriFone Asia Pacific.

"Bank of China and China Mobile are implementing a true end-to-end NFC infrastructure, working with Shen Yang Badatong to make NFC payment and mobile commerce a reality for merchants and consumers."

Verifone is now planning, the company says, "to replicate this service in additional cities and provinces across China and globally, partnering with wallet providers, MNOs and integrators".


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