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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

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21 December 2012

Every seventh payment with cards in Ukraine is made in internet

In the first half-year of 2012 the number of internet-operations made by payment cards of UPC`s bank-clients increased almost in two times (99%) in Ukrainian internet-shops. Turnovers of Ukrainian internet-merchants grew by 88%. Share of internet-purchases in the general number of purchases made by payment cards was 14% during the first six months of 2012.

Nowadays Ukrainian cardholders more often pay on foreign websites. During the first half-year of 2012 the number of international transactions in internet increased by 75%, while turnovers of the foreign websites coming from Ukrainian cards payments increased by 76%.

In Ukrainian internet 66% of transactions were the payments for telecommunication services: mobile top-ups and payments for the use of internet. On the second place are payments for utilities (26%). On the third place are payments for advertising and promotion of sites in the internet (4%), on fourth are payments for airline tickets (3%). Websites accepting utility payments saw the quickest growth of turnovers. Their volumes increased almost in three times comparing to the first half of 2011. Internet turnovers of airlines and web-resources providing promotion in internet grew more than in two times during the year.