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Monday, 28 September 2020

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05 December 2012

France wants to put a swift end to tax dumping in European e-commerce

During a visit to vente-privee.com on Tuesday, Fleur Pellerin, the Minister for the Digital Economy, spoke about the acceleration of tax harmonisation measures applied to online commerce sites.

Fleur Pellerin has announced that the French Government is in discussion with its European partners to speed up the schedule for the introduction of taxation harmonisation measures for the sector in Europe. "The different VAT rates, which vary from one country to the other, create unfair competition" she said. "We should not wait until 2019" for the current fiscal dumping rules to expire and promptly seek a single VAT rate.

The minister was visiting venteprivée.com whose CEO Jacques-Antoine Granjon was not so private in expressing his view that "Amazon pays zero tax because its headquarters in Luxembourg." The businessman, who has a reputation for direct language, also asked the minister to be careful not to "over-regulate" the industry, citing the risk that customers will "vote with their feet" or the mouse as he might have said.


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