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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

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06 December 2012

Ukraine: The number of payment cards in circulation exceeded 65 million

According to the National Bank of Ukraine, the number of bank cards in circulation rose by 2.95 million from 62.66 million (in the Q2 2012) to 65.61 million (in Q3 2012). According to the National Bank, the number of active payment cards (cards, which were used to make at least one debit transactions during last 3 months) increased  by 8.1% (or 2.62 million). At the end of Q2 2012 there were 34.82 million such cards.

The total number of ATMs in Q3 2012 increased from 32,903 units to 34,559 units, payment terminals - from 138,604 units to 146,211 units, the number of imprinters decreased - from 8600 to 7047 units.

Number of cardholders in the Q3 2012 has increased from 40.36 million to 41.39 million, while the number of member banks of card payment systems - from 143 to 144.
Source: NBU

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