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Friday, 14 August 2020

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30 November 2012

Starbucks coffee stores in Moscow began to accept contactless payments

Russian Starbucks coffee stores in Moscow began to accept cards with contactless payment technology MasterCard PayPass®. Cooperation with MasterCard was yet another confirmation of Starbucks leadership in introducing mobile and electronic payments, according to a joint press release of companies.
We accept bank cards as well as other devices (eg mobile phones) that support MasterCard PayPass.

Cooperation between MasterCard and Starbucks in Russia is a continuation of the success of the project of Starbucks Cards,  which ease of use is valued by more and more guests of coffee stores.

MasterCard PayPass, innovative one touch  payment technology, is now represented in all 60 Starbucks stores in Moscow. By  the end of 2012, Starbucks plans to open its stores in St. Petersburg, where also will be available contactless payments.


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