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Monday, 6 April 2020

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28 November 2012

Research sets the stage for new Diebold technologies

The financial services market is "[an] industry that is going through a fairly difficult time right now. We're in a transition," said Gerald Verdi, vice president of market intelligence at Diebold.

Verdi's conclusion is based on a global research project recently conducted by Diebold. The Diebold studies were designed to reveal behaviors and trends among consumers and banks that are reshaping the financial services industry, which Verdi said, is "much more progressive" today than its image denotes.

The study revealed some interesting economic and cultural patterns that are changing the delivery of financial services in subtle, but meaningful ways. As an example, Verdi referred to the current job shortage that's forcing new college grads to move back home with mom and dad. The Diebold study found that parents in those households are actually beginning to adopt many of the mobile banking practices their kids were using.


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