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Sunday, 5 July 2020

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08 November 2012

Payment systems CONTACT and Caspian Money Transfers announce strategic partnership

az. Payment systems CONTACT and Caspian Money Transfers have announced strategic partnership in the field of money transfers far abroad.

Russlavbank informs that the first project realized within the cooperation was sending of remittances from Turkey with payment in CONTACT system points and transfers to Turkey with payment in points of Caspian Money Transfer system.

Since October 2012 the CONTACT customers are able to send money to Turkey with payment in more than 200 points of Azerbaijan system Caspian Money Transfer, operating in the country under brand Cemete Odeme Sistemleri, and send transfers from Turkey with payment in over 120,000 points of CONTACT in more than 100 countries. Thanks to cooperation with Caspian Money Transfer a network of CONTACT service offices in Turkey exceeded 1,300 points in 80 cities and towns.

Currency of transactions is U.S. dollars and euros. The fee from the sender is 3 $/€ for transfer amount of up to 200 $/€, 1.5% - for sending of more than 200 $/€. Sending of transfers from Turkey is also accomplished at 1.5%. When making a transfer, the sender must specify the recipient’s phone number, on which Turkish help desk’s officials can contact and inform about money transfer receipt.

"The joint project with Caspian Money Transfer is a kind quite new form of cooperation with CONTACT system with local money transfer operators in the far abroad markets of other countries, designed to increase the availability of services for our customers and expand its geographic presence. It is noteworthy that our cooperation has developed in such a major center of tourism and labor migration as Turkey, money transfer turnover with Russia, which according to the Central Bank reached nearly $80 million in the first half of 2012. Dynamics of turnover of remittances (an increase of 15% compared with I half-year 2011) and the preservation of Turkey’s status of most visited country by Russian tourists (almost 1 million tourists in I half-year 2012, according to the Russian Federal Tourism Agency) enables to predict tremendous growth potential of our joint project," emphasized Elena Gafarova, Vice President of RUSSLAVBANK (CJSC), the operator of the payment system.


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