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Thursday, 16 July 2020

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08 November 2012

Better ATM Services to extend instant prepaid issuance service

US ATM solution provider Better ATM Services has announced the expansion of its automatic prepaid issuance service nationwide after the success of a trial in Arizona.

As part of the trial launched in partnership with Visa in January 2012, Better ATM Services upgraded the ATMs of three Arizona-based financial institutions to dispense Visa prepaid cards. The cards are produced with a thin material that allows them to pass through the cash dispensing mechanism.

Better ATM Services chief executive Todd Nuttall said: “ATM networks are secure distribution channels that are already in place in high traffic areas throughout the US and are ideal for new features and services such as Visa prepaid cards. This joint market pilot has demonstrated that they are the perfect vehicle to deliver value-driven products that meet consumer needs.”

The service has now been expanded to the rest of the US. During the pilot, cards were only available in USD25 denominations, but the new service will allow users to decide the amount they want to load on the prepaid cards.