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Monday, 14 October 2019

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07 November 2012

Samsung TecTile app bumped to version 3.0

Samsung has updated its TecTile app to add more features like batch actions and the ability to set tags to private.

The mobile app is meant to program Samsung TecTile NFC hardware tags that can be used to automate tasks. Users can tap their phones on tags to perform common tasks. You can launch a running app and the music app before a workout, for example, or tap one by the bedside to mute the ringer and launch the alarm clock app.

The TecTile tags were first released in June, together with the launch of the S3 to show off its NFC capabilities. The version 3 update accompanies the entrance of the Galaxy Note 2 on U.S. shores, and brings a number of new features.

With TecTile 3.0, users will be able to set their phones to launch several actions associated with one tag. This can be set to several batch actions, so an “office” profile could set the phone to silent and turn on Wi-Fi.

More actions are available to the app too, including the sharing of business cards, sending canned emails, and playing and pausing tracks. The app already allowed Facebook and Foursquare check-ins, and the new version adds Google+ and Google Places to that list. Tags can be also be set to "private" now.

A fuller list of the new features is available at Samsung’s site.

The app and tags aren’t exclusive to Samsung hardware. The HTC One X, for example, supports the app, and other makers have programmable NFC tags as well -- Sony released its Xperia SmartTags in January. You can find other apps that will pack more programmable functions, as well.

Plenty of white box NFC tags are available online too, often at a far lower price. However, official Samsung TecTiles tags go for US$14.99 for a pack of five at carrier, retail and online stores.


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