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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

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05 November 2012

Aztelekom announces a 10% rise in revenues from broadband services

Aztelekom, a sub-company of the Ministry of Communications & IT of Azerbaijan has announced an increase in revenues from provision of broadband services by 9.8% compared with 2011.

According to Aztelecom, overall volume of use of broadband Internet in Aztelecom network increased by 75%, as a result of which Aztelecom’s revenues from broadband Internet services made up 18.5% of total income.

The number of users of broadband services in Aztelecom’s network doubled up to 102,000.

Assessing the effectiveness of the first phase of the Broadband Internet Development Concept, implemented in 2011-12, Aztelecom prepared a new concept designed for 2013-15, within which it is planned to provide all the country’s villages with fiber-optic connection and high-quality access to the global network.


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