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Friday, 14 August 2020

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17 October 2012

Oracle offers to integrate IT-systems with social networks

Baku hosts the Oracle Day, dedicated to solutions of company Oracle.

Oracle’s vice-president Andrew Sutherland informs that today their innovative solutions are the main in the total volume of Company’s production.

"The same share accounts for control systems, solutions and products on their support. In accord with the wishes of our customers to simplify the system, we decided to create a single base on the basis of which the whole system of company management operates, which greatly simplifies the work. The next stage of our activity is to determine the demand of our customers in order to develop products according to their needs.

As a result, we came to the conclusion that the IT-companies need to create and actively use the applications on the analysis of social networks in which people discuss certain advantages and disadvantages of our developments.

To ensure efficiency of work, it is necessary to obtain that these programs are supported by all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. At that, it should be also created systems capable of processing huge amounts of information, concentrating in social networks," he emphasized.

In the course of the event it is also expected to present reports of company Sinam, representing the settlement systems of e-government, operating on Oracle platform. There will also be discussed the possibilities of cloud technologies, optimized data centers, etc.


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