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Monday, 6 April 2020

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15 October 2012

Apple Patent Expands on Biometric Identification Implementations

This latest patent, ambiguously titled “Devices and Methods for Providing Access To Internal Component,” describes how “an image capture device, a strobe flash, a biometric sensor, a light sensor, a proximity sensor, or a solar panel” could be hidden under a display window that could selectively become transparent or opaque depending on if the component is being used. This enables additional components to be added to the device without leading to a “cluttered” or unattractive appearance.

Although such technology could give future iOS devices a super slick appearance whether they’re glass, aluminum, or heck, even Liquidmetal, it’s the mention (and illustrations) of biometric sensors that piqued our interest.

Biometrics is not a new area of invention for Apple. In 2010 for example, Apple was granted a patent for a method for fingerprint identification on a tablet device. This patent was originally filed way back in 2005, before the iPhone or iPad publicly existed.

Realistically implementing any sort of biometric identification is actually a bit of a feat.