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Monday, 6 April 2020

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10 October 2012

SSI installs Q-mate management system in the Administrative Services Center (Nikolaev)

On October 3, an official ceremony of opening Administrative Services Center in Nikolaev took place. The Center is now equipped with Q-mate management systems by Servus Systems Integration.  
Currently Q-mate SSI Pro is fully functioning in the Administrative Services Center so the visitors to Center can get registered with the state administrator via the terminal on reception. Q-mate SSI Pro system allows to arrange working hours of managers and completely eliminates the rule “first come first served”. Also the terminal with samples of necessary documents works in the hall as well as an expert who offer consultations to visitors if necessary.  
Q-mate SSI Pro is a decision that introduces maximum transparency in functioning of a governmental authority. It also helps to make it more systematic, thereby facilitating daily work of the staff.  
This project takes the Administrative Services Center's work to a European level of service for citizens, as part of development administrative allowing bodies.



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