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Thursday, 16 July 2020

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11 October 2012

Azerbaijan has created centre for cell phone IMEI-code registration and to activate it in December

Azerbaijan is going to start using registration system IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) of codes of mobile phones.

Deputy Communications & IT Minister Iltimas Mammadov says that they will launch in December the IMEI-code Registration Centre.

"Import of smuggled phones in the country that have a negative impact on the performance of mobile operators, especially harms the health of users, and the introduction of registration of IMEI-codes is the most effective and important step in combating this. The IMEI-code Registration Center has been already created and work with mobile operators is under way to launch the system since this December,” he said.

The Rules of Registration of Mobile Devices were introduced by Decision #212 from 28 December the Azerbaijani Cabinet Ministers.

The Rules developed in accordance with the Plan of Complex Measures of Counteraction to False Terrorism Case Information are already in force.

The Rules regulate processes of registration of mobile devices and their application in the telecommunications system of the country. The document says of the mobile (cellular) phones and other devices. Their registration will be based on IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification). The system will also apply mobile network subscriber number (MSISDN - Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network) and use the serial number of SIM-card (IMSI-International Mobile Subscriber Identity) code and the code of the mobile device (TAC-Type Approval Code).

The mobile device registration system will be created by the Ministry of Communications & IT at its own expense. The Ministry will also open registration centers. Mobile operators will pay for their connection to their system at their own expense. At that, they are required to ensure registration of all its subscribers, and a 2-days term is given for that, although this period may be extended in case of availability of real justification.

Three categories will be applied when conducting registration - white, black and grey lists. The white list includes devices with IMEI from International GSM Association, the black ones the devices without such identification code. The grey list covers devices that can not be attributed to white or black list.

Sellers and other entrepreneurs who are engaged in import of mobile devices, regardless of their legal status, should apply for registration. At that, submission of certificate of conformity is compulsory. Representatives of the registration system will be in service centers of operators and post offices that will enable to apply for registration on an individual basis as well. Registration will be conducted for 2 days.

In the absence of registration or classification of devices to black list, the mobile operator should make it difficult to use the device within 24 hours.


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