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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

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04 October 2012

In Russian Federation new rules went into effect for owners of electronic purses

From October 1, 2012 new rules for the owners of electronic purses went into effect in Russia, which were envisaged by the Law on the National Payment System. According to new rules, the limits were introduced  for both turnover and account balance.

The owners of purses, interested to remain anonymous, must  not allow account balance to exceed 15.000 rubs ($481) at any moment, and  the total amount of monthly  transfers shouldn’t be higher, than 40.000 rubs ($1.285). Such limitations were not mandatory earlier.

The owners of purses, who want  to operate with higher amounts, should pass identification. In this case account balance is accounted for 100.000 rubs ($3.212). The number  of electronic purses that the citizen of Russian Federation can open is unlimited.

All electronic money companies were obliged till October, 1 to bring their activity in accordance with the Law.


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