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Saturday, 6 June 2020

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05 October 2012

Portmone.com presented new application for Android

In the end of 2011 Portmone.com released its first application for Android, in which the most popular system functions were realized. The renewed application could be considered as the  full-fledged version with possibility to receive bills and  settle them  for all  companies, connected to Portmone.com.

The first application for Android was realized as a native-application and just presented "Portmone online" is realized on the base of principally another technology - as a Web-application.  The Company will support both applications, giving customers possibility to make a choice between them.

“Portmone online” is distributed free of charge. It is optimized for work with the screens of small smartphones and tablet PSs. Devices with OS  Android 2.2 and higher are supported.


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