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Monday, 21 September 2020

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04 October 2012

Balloon book adds multimedia with integrated NFC tags

Readers of "Catch the Sun: Ballooning Across the Globe" will be able to use their NFC phone and the tags embedded throughout the book to access movie clips, download music, share to social media and even add their own content.

Elektor International Media has published a book which includes "fully integrated" NFC technology — believed to be a world first — with eight tags embedded inside each copy to allow access to multimedia content designed to complement the book.

Catch the Sun: Ballooning Across the Globe will be published in October and launched in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the world's largest ballooning festival.

"The full integration of NFC chips in the book is a unique innovation which has never been used before by authors nor book publishers," says the publisher. "If a smartphone or tablet with NFC inside is held against a page with an NFC tag, movie clips are automatically started, readers can connect to social media, free music can be downloaded and background information on NFC can be accessed. The title song of the book, Catch the Sun by Tim Akkerman, is incorporated in the cover of the book."


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