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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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01 October 2012

Microsoft demos Windows Phone 8 mobile wallet

John Skovron, group program manager for Windows Phone 8, showed off the capabilities of the software giant's new NFC-enabled wallet at the NFC World Congress last week and explained how the technology could help Microsoft gain mobile phone market share.

NFC's ability to make connections and transfer information between mobile phones running Windows Phone 8 and PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 will help build adoption of Microsoft's phone operating system, Microsoft's John Skovron has revealed in a keynote presentation at the NFC World Congress in Nice.

"While I'm not the biggest phone operating system, we are the biggest computer operating system," the group product manager for Windows Phone 8 told attendees. "It's not just a phone with 2% market share. It's Windows."

The goal is "a seamless user experience," he added. "Getting adoption growing is the most important thing."

"Is there a huge amount of money in this?", he asked, regarding Microsoft's adoption of NFC. "Probably not. But think about it in terms of getting consumers and developers interested."

"We're not using the word 'NFC' all that much," says Microsoft's John Skovron

Skovron demonstrated a number of features of WP8's NFC capabilities during his keynote, including peer-to-peer sharing, which Microsoft is calling "Tap+Send". "We're not using the word 'NFC' all that much," Skovron explained.


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