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Monday, 28 September 2020

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21 September 2012

Azerbaijan’s state communication operator intends to bring number of its clients in fixed network up to 1 million subscribers

The Baku Telephone Production Association (BTRIB) intends to increase the number of subscribers by 20%.

The Ministry of Communications & IT says that currently its network is numbering up to 800,000 subscribers.

BTRIB is going to increase the number of customers up to 1 million subscribers, and in this connection is conducting work on installation ADSL equipment of company ZTE for 640 ports in the center of the capital on the area of Khatayi telecommunications centre of electronic automatic telephone exchange - 412.

Work is also underway to replace the existing subscriber cabinets at the EATE on NGN technology as well as ADSL equipment installation.

Similar work has been done at EATE-411, where ADSL equipment was installed by companies Zuxel and ZTE by 576 and 348 ports respectively, at ATE 440/441 obsolete equipment of company Huawei was replaced by a new station for 3,056 numbers equipped with NGN technology. EATE 566/567 was also transferred new ONU equipment.


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