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Monday, 28 September 2020

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04 September 2012

SSI offers security solution for ATM

Servus Systems Integration Company always paid special attention to ATMs' safety. Activity of skimming swindlers recently led SSI’s Service department to search solution of this problem so we can offer antiskimming slips which helps to secure users of ATM from swindler’s attacks.  
To secure ATM against infringement of users card’s malefactors we used European experiences of fighting type of fraud. Antiskimming slips were provided for a wide model range of various ATM brands. SSI’s Service department staff is frequently involved in eliminating consequences of fraud related to the cards misuse which is often a problem for financial institutions' clients. Our practice showed that antiskimming slips essentially increased ATMs' safety.  
SSI company is prepared to provide antiskimming slips for the main brands, such as - NCR models 5877/5884/5885, Diebold Opteva and i/ix, Wincor series of model 2000/2050.  

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