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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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06 September 2012

Uzbek banks emit 8.508m banking payment cards

Number of banking payment cards, issued by commercial banks of Uzbekistan, made up 8.508 million soums as of 1 August 2012, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan said.

The regulator said that the banks issued over 8.436 million plastic banking cards to individuals and 24,000 cards to legal entities. Over 11,285 cards were emitted for individual entrepreneurs.

Commercial banks of Uzbekistan installed almost 107,000 POS terminals and 310 ATMs, as well as 948 infokiosks.

According to the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, about 51.94% of banking payment cards were issued by Agrobank (1.826 million units), National Bank of Uzbekistan (1.487 million) and Halq Bank (1.105 million).

Asaka Bank emitted 849,249 cards, Ipoteka Bank – 815,889 cards and Uzpromstroybank – 795,227 payment cards.

Smallest number of payment cards were issued by Samarkand (796 units) and Davr Bank (1,081).

Agrobank (19,288 units), National Bank of Uzbekistan (14,651) and Halq Bank (14,102) also led on number of installed POS-terminals.