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Monday, 21 September 2020

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30 July 2012

Apple granted patent covering '5D' technology

The US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday published 25 newly granted patents for the firm, Patently Apple reported, but none are quite as wild as the one that covers advanced television, interactive gaming, teleconferencing, tactile feedback technology, virtual reality data gloves, and five dimensions of entertainment.

Some pieces of the patent date back to 1999, but the patent was granted after being refiled in July 2009.

The sweeping patent touches on technology with "four" and "five dimensional" capabilities, as well as the ability to store complete signature data at once, physically or in memory.

Most of Apple's new patent focuses on projection TV technology and applications, and covers optional 3D glasses for stereoscopic TV viewing or using a television set for teleconferencing, Patently Apple said. The patent shows the technology being used in the context of a rear projection display device – DLP, LCD, or LCoS – but the concepts can be used in developing any sort of display device.