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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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26 July 2012

12,000 Biometric Fingerprint Readers Added to Brazilian ATMs

Lumidigm have helped Brazilian bank Itautec create 12,000 ATMs (cash machines) with multispectral fingerprint readers in an effort to reduce theft and fraud.

The multinational bank is one of the largest private banks in Latin America. 33,000 ATMs will eventually be deployed with Lumidigm’s biometric solution attached in place of the traditional PIN.

Itautec were concerned that multiple identities were being used by people within their banking system and decided a biometric solution would be the best way to ensure that account holders were who they said they were and that their accounts were secure.

As ATMs are rarely — if ever — supervised, reliability was vital for the bank, and Lumidigm say their solution was chosen due to the multispectral imaging technology providing a good read on the first try by viewing the surface and subsurface of fingerprints in any condition.

Fabrizio Vargas, the person responsible for Biometric Systems at Itautec explained how the bank has the tenth largest number of ATMs being used in the world.

He said, "The system must work each and every time in order to provide the level of security and performance demanded by banking customers.

«We picked the Lumidigm readers because no matter the condition of bank customers’ fingerprints — wet, dirty, dry, or damaged — users are able to access the ATM and do their banking with the simple single touch of a finger, without supervision.

«This deployment is leading the way in showing the world’s banking community how to take the next step in providing convenience to their customers and security for themselves.»

Lumidigm Vice President, Bill Spence, said, «Lumidigm’s Venus sensors provide a highly intuitive way to enhance security for bank customers and increase the user’s convenience when interfacing with the bank. Your finger is your PIN.

«It’s a worldwide phenomenon. In South Africa, several large banks have also begun to deploy identity systems that utilize fingerprint biometrics as a means to achieve their goals. Providing customers with an easy way to access their accounts, while adding increased security in a most visible manner, creates enhanced customer satisfaction.»

The Itautec ATM system will be shown at Booth #I12 at the CIAB Show to be held 20-22 June at the Transamerica Center Fairgrounds in São Paulo.


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