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Monday, 28 September 2020

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25 July 2012

Azerbaijan Commences Creation of Single Service and Assessment Network

Azerbaijan begins to create a network of services and assessment (Azerbaijan Service & Assessment Network; ASAN) to be run by the State Agency for Public Services & Social Innovations under the Azerbaijani President.

Fuad Alasgarov, head of the Presidential Administration’s Department on Work with Law Enforcement Bodies, has stated that the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s decree on the establishment of the State Agency and on improvement of services provided to citizens by governmental agencies, aims to develop e-government services to the population and minimize relations between citizens and state employees.

«The ASAN concept was adopted for that. At the first stage, the system of ASAN-centers will focus on state services, but in the prospect it can also be incorporated services provided to the private sector. The idea of ASAN-center implies provision of all services to the population through „one door“ — a single center,» Alasgarov said.

The new Agency will run the centers of state services to the population (ASAN center), co-ordinate activities of the citizen service centres of other governmental agencies, carry out oversight and evaluation of development of services and social innovations, attach efforts on acceleration and integration of information databases of governmental agencies and improve this process.

A network of ASAN centers is under creation to provide public services to citizens. Their challenge is to improve the efficiency, transparency, accountability, responsibility, and convenience of service of citizens domiciliary regardless of their registration; services through direct reception, by phone or via the Internet, going to citizens; conducting courses on ethics for public officials serving citizens.

In this regard, the Presidential Administration is in charge to submit for 2 months to the head of state the drafts of the Regulation and structure of the State Agency, a model statute of the ASAN center and centers for citizens’ service by public authorities.

The Cabinet of Ministers is to solve the issues of provision of the Agency and the ASAN centres with buildings and equipment, as well as financial and logistical support of the new agency.

In connection with the new agency project, it was cancelled a decision on establishment of the State Agency for E-Government under the Ministry of Communications & IT founded on 14 July 2010.

Source: abc.az

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