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Saturday, 10 April 2021

NBU currency exchange rates

16 January 2012

Loyalty Systems

Matching the right offer to the right customer at the right time is a complex challenge, especially across multiple channels. But in a climate of rising customer expectations, now is the right time to go real-time. Download this white paper to learn how forward-thinking organisations are deploying real-time marketing strategies to generate offers based on deep customer profiles, transaction histories, and other rich, real-time context. You will learn: How to deliver marketing so relevant...
12 December 2011

Payment Systems Loyalty Systems

Bank of America Merchant Services yesterday announced the launch of the Money Network Payroll Distribution Service. The program enables employers to comply with payroll distribution laws, such as the need to offer a paper paycheck and free check cashing locations, while providing a pay alternative for employees who do not have access to a deposit or checking account. With the Money Network Service, employees can access their cash through more than 17,750 Bank of America ATMs, and 43,000 Allpoint...
04 August 2011

Loyalty Systems

Narvesen Baltija, a chain of 43 newsagent stores and kiosks across Latvia owned by Norwegian convenience store chain Narvesen, has launched a trial of NFC stickers at 10 of its outlets. Participants in the Riga-based Narvesen trial will be provided with an NFC-enabled sticker to attach to the back of their mobile phone or to place inside their purse. After creating a virtual account with Narvesen, they will be able to collect loyalty reward 'stickers' electronically rather than as paper-based...
22 June 2011

Loyalty Systems

In the town of Tauranga more than 50 local retailers  decided to  team up  and launch the common loyalty program. On June, 25 they will begin to distribute among the local residents  40 000  cards  of the Ultimate Supporter  Program and to encourage them   with direct or delayed  cash-back discounts  at 10 -50% range. Besides it,  to all participants of the loyalty program  will be given the  right for free parking. Part of the saved...
05 May 2011

Loyalty Systems

«Money in a pocket» is a new juvenile payment card, created specially for young people from 18 to 24 years. It could be used not only for payments but as well for getting discounts in shops, restaurants, night-clubs, etc.
05 May 2011

Loyalty Systems

Contactles and ID Technology
16 July 2014
16 July 2014
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08 October 2013
01 August 2013