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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

NBU currency exchange rates

23 December 2011

Money transfer systems

Head  of  the Department of  Services for Individuals of  Bank PIVDENNYY Tetiana  Panfilova commented on  the NBU announcement concerning  the increase of the volume of money orders of physical persons. She considers  inflation processes as one of the reasons of such growth: 'The volatility of market rates and hike of prices have an impact on the volumes of money orders. Therefore, comparing with the economy growth – both real and nominal - certain share...
25 November 2011

Money transfer systems

Russian system of money orders ‘Zolotaya Korona’ (Gold Crown) and largest Ukrainian bank Privatbank have completed integration of their services on the Ukrainian market, that allows to the clients not only to receive  but also send money orders  to Russia and CIS countries  through the network of Privatbank   with the most  affordable tariffs. As  it was announced by representatives of Privatbank and ‘Zolotaya Korona’,  it is now ...
04 November 2011

Money transfer systems

Head office of Joint-Stock company RRB-Bank, located in Minsk, offers to the clients possibility either to receive or  send money transfers through the  system  ‘Zolotaya Korona (Gold Crown) – Money Orders’. Money orders in USD and EUR are available, tariff – 1.5% on all directions. In the nearest future service of money orders of Zolotaya Korona will be spread over all 21 branches of RRB-Bank in  Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Borisov,...
04 October 2011

Money transfer systems

According to Bank  of Russia,  in April-June from Russia was transferred  $4.359  bn, including $3.774 bn into the  CIS countries, $584 mn - into the countries of distant foreignness. On the whole,  for  the H1 2011 the volume of money orders from  Russia accounts for  $7.209 bn. Into Russia for the Q2 2011  was transferred  $662 mn, and for the H1 2011 – $1.197 bn. The Bank of Russia conducts monitoring of the followings systems of money...
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Plastic Cards' Production and Personalisation
25 July 2012
12 July 2012