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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

NBU currency exchange rates

01 June 2011

Researches and Reviews

A new Javelin Strategy & Research report issued today — “ 2011 Small Business Owners (SMBO) Identity Fraud Report: How SMBO Fraud Rates Impact FI Revenues and Retention ” describes the higher rates of fraud faced by small business owners (SMBOs) today, including unique online security challenges. By sharing effective anti-fraud solutions with SMBOs, FIs and credit card issuers can also create revenue opportunities and reduce client churn. The report outlines the steps SMBOs can...
23 May 2011

Researches and Reviews

According to Noblet Media CIS with reference to annual Global research of piracy for 2010,   Ukraine occupies the 7th place in the list  of countries with the highest level of  computer piracy. Commercial  cost of the installed on Ukrainian PC unlicensed software reached $571 million. The level of piracy in Ukraine continues to grow. In the list Ukraine is among countries, where the level of piracy exceeded 62%. Average level of piracy in the world is 42%.  Losses of...
29 April 2011

Researches and Reviews

29 March 2011

Researches and Reviews Banking and Company News

According to the published comment of Fitch Ratings, the Ukrainian banks are still burdened by the large volume of bad debts, but the process of "clearing" of credit portfolios goes slowly.
27 February 2011

Researches and Reviews

06 February 2011

Researches and Reviews

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