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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

NBU currency exchange rates

01 June 2015

Security and Information Protection

Cybersecurity market in Eastern Europe is permanently facing new threats. The management perspective of Cybersecurity is changing over the years and a lot of  things regarding the subjects are made by Social Media and Social Engineering Defenses for Cybersecurity to help securing the Critical Infrastructure, incident response and privacy issues. Taking place on 19 June 2015, the “ Cyber Security Forum: Ukraine and The World ” will be supported by IT Alliance, American Chamber of...
30 July 2013

Security and Information Protection Mobile and Internet Payments

Just when you thought mobile payments might be gaining some credibility, risk analysts at U.K. consultant Riskskill have released what can only be called a sobering assessment of the global mobile payment market. Riskskill said the sheer scale of the opportunity in mobile payments could actually lead to larger problems. Consumer communication and information of risk associated with new financial services products could suffer due to the pace of change in the market, Riskskill said....
29 July 2013

Security and Information Protection Payment Cards

German cryptographer Karsten Nohl said he will reveal new findings on July 31 that indicate SIM cards contain encryption and software flaws, Forbes reported. Nohl said he uncovered a two-part flaw after three years of research, and that it could allow hackers to infect SIM cards with a virus that sends premium text messages. If successfully carried out, the media outlet said, the flaw could cause payment system fraud in parts of the world where SIM cards play a vital role in this industry....
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Payment Systems
24 May 2015
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Plastic Cards' Production and Personalisation
25 July 2012
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Security and Information Protection
01 June 2015
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